Our History


In 1965 the Jayne family, led by William Jayne, Jr., purchased Hall’s Fast Motor Freight, Inc. from the estate of founder Harry Hall. At that time, the company was only operating 12 trucks. In 1966 the Jayne's launched Hall’s Warehouse Corp to provide storage for its growing list of transportation customers. By the 1980’s Hall’s Warehouse Corp had expanded into temperature controlled storage and transportation with distribution service throughout the northeast United States. Hall’s had grown to seven facilities by 2001 with of over 1.5 million square feet of warehouse space and a transportation division of 75-power units. Today, the second generation of the Jayne family continues to operate a thriving business that in 2014 opened its eighth facility increasing its capacity to over 1.6 million square feet of warehouse space.

Our Vision



To provide superior logistical service, storage and/or distribution of customer product in a manner that meets or exceeds the requirements of local, state, and federal agencies. The product’s quality, safety, legality, and sustainability must always be at the forefront of our efforts. Hall’s vision is to continuously improve on meeting or exceeding its customers’ requirements while enhancing our competitive position in the market place.